Custom Case Order Policy   Cased Up started as just primarily a custom phone case business, and is know for its over the top blinged out and very edgy & unique case designs. No two custom cases are the same and we like it that way! Here are a few things that will help guide you through the custom case ordering process, policies, and questions that we get about this service. We look forward to servicing you soon 🙂

I AM ON THE WEBSITE AND DON’T SEE THE CUSTOM PHONE CASE OPTION, HOW DO I ORDER?   At the moment, we do not have the custom case option available online (its coming SOON). All custom case orders are placed through our email

WHAT SHOULD I INCLUDE IN MY CUSTOM CASE EMAIL?   We do have a high volume of custom orders that come in, to better service you please provide us with a couple things so that we are able to quote you for this service and send out the invoice for payment.

  • What phone type do you have as well as what carrier? (example : “I have an iPhone 5C with Sprint”)
  • What design are you interested in? Or are you interested in a freestyle design (This is where you are allowed to be as creative as possible, let us know colors you would like, logos, personal images, EVERYTHING!) The more we know the better we are able to satisfy your custom case needs.

HOW MUCH WILL MY CUSTOM CASE BE?   We do have a set price for every phone type. The prices range from $50-$90 for all phone types. The bigger the phone the more the price will be. Sending an email to us means that you are interested as well as ready to pay. Please be ready to pay once given a quote or wait to email us until the day you are ready to pay to limit going through the process more than once.

WHEN DO I PAY MY INVOICE?   All invoices must be paid within 24 hours of invoice being sent. We no longer accept deposits, all payments must be paid in full before they are started on.

DO I GET TO PREVIEW MY CASE BEFORE IT IS COMPLETED?   YES! We want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your product before it is delivered to you. All paid in full orders come with layout previews. The layout preview is sent via email, and must be approved by the customer within 24-48 hours. If the layout isn’t approved within the allotted time, the designer may approve the layout without consent from the customer, and finish and ship the product to the customer. To avoid this from occurring we ask during the custom case time frame that emails are checked DAILY!

WHAT IS THE CUSTOM CASE TIME FRAME?   With custom cases, we work in order of payments. So we ask for 1-4 weeks for your custom order to be delivered to you. If this time is too much for you we recommend ordering strictly on our website All custom cases are made by hand as well as most of the unique pieces placed on the cases. We believe in the quality of our products and the process that each case goes through before it is shipped out and believe that this product will be worth the wait.

CAN I EXCHANGE/ CANCEL/ OR RECEIVE AN ORDER ON MY CUSTOM CASE?   Because each case is custom and caters to the individual, once your order is paid for it can not be refunded, cancelled, or exchanged. Please make sure that you read the complete policy before completing your order payment. You are more than welcome to pass your old phone cases down to other friends and family as you get new phones and new cases. Sharing is CARING 🙂

CAN I WEAR MY PHONE CASE EVERYDAY?   With most frequently worn items comes wear and tear, Cased Up custom cases are no exception especially with them constantly being in your hands, thrown into purses, pockets, and many other places. We do believe that your custom case can be worn daily but must be handled with care. It really is all up to the customer and how they handle their phone. Some customers have theirs for months and wear them daily, other customers choose to switch their cases frequently (we prefer this route). If you don’t want your case to be worn out as quickly visit so that your phone will have options. Your phone deserves a wardrobe just like your closet.

MY PHONE CASE HAS BEEN DAMAGED, IS THERE A WAY TO HAVE IT REPAIRED?   We do offer Cased Up repair services, and only repair cases that we created by request. There is a repair fee, and shipping fees that must be paid for by the customer. To have your phone case repaired email us at Getting your case repaired every month or so will also help with the longevity of your product.